Episode #29: June 19, 2008: Gender Expression
produced by Julie Sabatier and Brian Kramer with help from Hilary Galian

Can gender expression be a do-it-yourself project? We'll attempt to answer that and many other complex questions about sexuality, biology and identity in four interviews with people across the gender spectrum. Diane Anderson-Minshall, executive editor of Curve Magazine, who identifies her gender as "femme," will discuss how her partner, Jake's transition from female to male has made her think differently about the innate nature of gender. Kodey Park Bambino, who identifies as "genderqueer" will discuss life outside the gender binary. Jamila Kisses, who was born a straight male and began cross-dressing later in life, will share her thoughts on femininity. We'll also hear from Ace Furnish, a young man who began his transition from female to male at age 15.

Music by Andy Combs, Jason Leonard and CWA.

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